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Welcome to the music videos section. Here you can find all Star Trek music videos sorted by genre sound. You can watch the music video directly or download it to watch it at your convenience. You may need a Divx-codec for watching this music video. You can use your favourite media player to watch after you downloaded the music video. If you have questions or remarks, please contact me.

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American Pie

Uhura on Star Trek The Original Series. Making music, having fun and singing. Beside hard working Uhura likes to relax. This music video was originally created for a convention in the 80's. Enjoy this remastered "golden oldie".

Online since: 30th July 2012
Size: 62.7MB
Download: here

Any man of mine

The qualities a man should have in the eyes of Captain Janeway. It ain't easy being her man. Music is from Shania Twain. A great music video of high quality.

Author: Mistyfur

Online since: 2nd May 2009
Size: 34.2MB
Download: here

Blow me away

Star Trek XI. All the action and great scenes are packed in this wonderful music video. At high pace the story is told. A super music video with well chosen music. Enjoy!

Author: therob06

Online since: 6th November 2011
Size: 50.3MB
Download: here


The friendship between Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed in Star Trek Enterprise. They work together and go through a lot together. The music fits perfectly.

Author: Linsey

Online since: 11th March 2008
Size: 10MB
Download: here

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