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Welcome to the Awards section. Here you can read how your website can win an Final Frontier Media award. If you're looking for awards that Final Frontier Media has won, please go here. Below you can find the rules and how your website will be judged. If you want your site to be judged for an award please go to the contact page and use the form. Use "Award" as subject and tell me in the message what the purpose of your website is. Off course, don't forget to fill in your URL. When you've won an award, a link to your site with the award will be placed at this page.


When you want your site to be judged please hold the following in mind:

  • Every website may enter. Your not binded to be a Star Trek only website.
  • It's not difficult to win an award, but it can happen your site is just not there yet.
  • The awards are not divided into poor to excellent or Bronze to Gold.
  • Your site will be judged using an elaborate system looking at content, design, technique, personal opinion and overall.
  • Because I can't shut down my personal opinion this is not an objective award.
  • The result of the judgement is not arbitrary, but I don't see why this is needed, because there is no good-better-best award.
  • To enter go to the contact page and use the form to sent your name and e-mail address, your website URL, subject = Award and enter the purpose of your website in the message.
  • You may enter your site once a year for this awards.


Award winners

Here you can see the list of website that have won a Final Frontier Media Award, follow the link to watch the website.