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Short history

Welcome to the Archive - Short history section. Here you can find a short story about Final Frontier Media. What is the purpose of this website, why and when was it created. A short story including several milestones. If you want the whole story including images, please visit the history section. If you have any questions, please contact me.

When in 2001 Deep Space Nine (DS9) was finished on Dutch television, I wanted to see more Deep Space Nine. What did I do? I went on the internet to search for clips, movies and special things about Deep Space Nine, but also Star Trek in general. I found a music video of DS9. It was made by Sabatoj, that's everything I knew about it. I found it on Kazaa and not much later I found another music video from the same author. I loved the videos and watched them too much. A week later I went on holiday and afterwards I spent more and more time on Star Trek. After a long time I found more music videos on the internet and on Kazaa. Every fan I talked with had never heard of the videos or had just seen one or two. Well, I was thinking: "Okay, maybe it's time to make more fans aware of these music videos."

The idea was formed, but it took a long time to finally carry it out. In 2002, after a meeting with fellow fans, I decided it was time "to draw the line". Then it was time to take some action. Two weeks later Final Frontier Media was born. It looked amateuristic, but soon two friends of mine metamorphosed the whole site. The only thing for me was to change the details.

(Me and Rene Auberjonois at the Dutch StarCon 12 may 2007 in the Netherlands)

The site was in Dutch and most movies and pictures were placed on several servers. In January 2003, I finally got my own FTP server. I was so happy I had one, that I decided to enlarge my site and want to improve it. I decided to change the site language to English. Since the beginning of 2006 the site can be found at In spite of the site language being English I've chosen for .nl, which stands for my country, The Netherlands.

Since 2006 the website changed a lot. Every section is renewed to a new standard. This way the website was easier to navigate and faster in loading times. Beside renewing every section also a lot of sections were added. In all these years Final Frontier Media has won several awards. An upgraded FTP server was just the start of the growth of Final Frontier Media. Over more than 10GB of music videos have been added. The site has grown into a steady Star Trek website with regular updates. Even with decreasing visitors for Star Trek websites all over the world wide web, Final Frontier Media is here to stay. In 2010 the website is completey redesigned. A complete new lay-out and all PHP coding Final Frontier Media is ready for more Star Trek. The biggest change was the possibility to watch the music videos directly at the site (all though in flash) and download them. This functionality is added because other websites (Youtube) for sharing videos don't allow Star Trek Music Videos anymore.

Since the end of 2014 the amount of time available to keep the website up to date is far less than wanted. This means less updates, less new music videos. Halfway 2015 I've started to change the website. First of all replacing the menu-links with images. Also the music videos were devided into more and different kind of categories. This way people have multiple ways to find the music video they want to see. I also started to replace the flash music videos with HTML5 music videos (MP4). This way Final Frontier Media is more usable for mobile devices that don't allow flash. This work will continu in 2016.