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Welcome to the music videos section. Here you can find all Star Trek music videos sorted by genre. Below you can see the five different genres for music videos. Every music videos has at least one genre, but most have more than one, or are closely related. I have divided the music videos the way I believe they should be. For every genre I've selected a few music videos which I believe show what kind of music video you can expect with this genre. To see all music videos of a particular genre, just "click" the image next to the genre. You can watch the music video directly or download it to watch it at your convenience. You may need a Divx-codec for watching this music video. You can use your favourite media player to watch after you downloaded the music video. If you have questions or remarks, please contact me.
Star Trek Music Videos by Genre

When a music video main part is "story" it means that the scenes and images in the video are used to tell the story that's sung in the music. The images doesn't have to match with every line of text in the music, but the total picture has to compare. This means automatically that it's (almost) not possible to have a music video with the main genre "story" when the music has no lyrics. The most music videos do have mainly the genre "story". It's difficult to create a very good music video with the subject story. Some examples of some really good music videos with the genre Story can be selected in the "tags".

Tags: Another live, E.T. (Extraterrestrial), Angry Warrior, Straight Talk, Unconditionally, DS9 Tribute 3: Hurt, Fever, Mad World, Strong enough, Suddenly I see, Tapestry, Through the years, Kryptonite, Broken Remnants, The man with the child in his eyes, Coming home, In memory, Before it's to late, What I have lost, You fill up my senses.
Star Trek Music Videos by Genre

When a music video main part is "feeling" it means that the the author of the music video wants to give you a certain emotion when you're watching this music video. Music without lyrics and when the images are not matching the rhythm of the music are always music videos with the genre "feeling". The images shown in the video are matching with the music and the feeling the author wants to give you. A good "feeling" music video is very powerful and really change the mood of people. I have made an selection of (in my humble opinion) really good music videos with the genre Feeling. You can select them below in the "tags".

Tags: Voyagers Journey, Timeless, A captains destiny, The 8th Star Trek experience, The moment, Ready to go, Bite-size sacred ground, That's what friends are for, Star Trek 40th anniversary tribute, Take me higher, Dominion War Music Video, Exile, Adiemus, All I want, Coming home, Captain James T. Kirk, Into the west.
Star Trek Music Videos by Genre

When a music video main part is "sound" it means that the the author of the music video have selected images and scenes compatible with the line of text from the lyrics. Sometimes this is a failed "story" music video, but good music videos shows you the most wonderful scenes combined in one music video. Most of the time the music video has a stable subject, but it's not really a story telling. Of course the music must have lyrics for this genre. Some great music videos with the genre "Sound" are selected below. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Tags: Moving it with Neelix, We weren't born to follow, DS9 Tribute 6: Time of our lives, Rocky mountain high, Proud to be a soldier, Little more action, Illuminated, I'm super.
Star Trek Music Videos by Genre

When a music video main part is "rhythm" it means that the scenes and images are completely in harmony with the rhythm. The least music videos have the main genre "rhythm". It's difficult to find the right song with the right rhythm and also have the right feeling, or even lyrics to create an rhythm music video. It's in my opinion not very difficult to create a "rhythm" music video, but probably cost you a lot of time. Below a selection of some nice rhythm music videos which I think are some you need to see.

Tags: Frontline, DS9 Tribute 5: - Fight for survival, DS9 Tribute 2: In Caelum Fero, Clubbed to death, Poker face, Fix you.
Star Trek Music Videos by Genre

When a music video main part is "trailer" it means that the music video is created to be some form of trailer. This can be a trailer for a series, in imaginary episode, etc. A trailer combines most of the time several different parts of music. The scenes shown are often combined with text or commentary. Also alternate opening sequences for series are trailers. I have selected several trailers I believe are good examples

Tags: Voyager Alternate Opening - Emergency, Voyager Trailer, Voyager: The Motion Picture, Deep Space Nine Trailer 1, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 20th anniversary trailer, Remastered Star Trek Original Promo, Federation Convention X, Deep Space Nine, The search for Spock.