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Welcome to the music videos section. Here you can find all Star Trek music videos sorted by genre feeling. You can watch the music video directly or download it to watch it at your convenience. You may need a Divx-codec for watching this music video. You can use your favourite media player to watch after you downloaded the music video. If you have questions or remarks, please contact me.

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2002: Ode to Trek

A short but very nice clip. Definetely a ode to Trek. Good music to create the perfect atmosphere. After the succes of this clip, the clip "Star Trek : Hymn" was made.

Author: Pixelworks

Online since: 6th October 2002
Size: 21.6MB
Download: here (Final Frontier Media FTP Server)

70.000 Lightyears in 17 minutes

Star Trek Voyager, almost footage from every episode. A very large tribute to Voyager. It's something special. This music video is of high quality. Watch and enjoy.

Author: Cosmikboy

Online since: 26th May 2007
Size: 84.5MB
Download: here

A Captain's destiny

Captain Janeway. It's her goal and destiny to take Voyager and her crew back to home. A wonderful music video, with great music from the movie "Time Machine".

Author: Belanna

Online since: 9th July 2008
Size: 33.0MB
Download: here

A new day

Some very special moments with Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay. The music is from Celine Dion. A wonderful music video with a small touch of DS9. You'll enjoy this high quality music video.

Author: Mistyfur

Online since: 2nd May 2008
Size: 35.3MB
Download: here

A new World

Star Trek The Next Generation in general. A tribute to this wonderful series. This music video shares some wonderful story arcs from Data, Worf, Ro and Q into a great and beautiful music video. Enjoy!

Author: Sjgambrill

Online since: 6th January 2013
Size: 13.5MB
Download: here

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