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Welcome to the music videos section. Here you can find all Star Trek music videos sorted by genre story. You can watch the music video directly or download it to watch it at your convenience. You may need a Divx-codec for watching this music video. You can use your favourite media player to watch after you downloaded the music video. If you have questions or remarks, please contact me.

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Apple candy

James T. Kirk, Uhura and Spock. Kirk doesn't believe in a no win scenario and wants it all. A great music video using the Star Trek XI movie. Well chosen music and perfectly edited. Great video. Enjoy!

Author: Talitha78

Online since: 6th August 2011
Size: 26.8MB
Download: here

Back were we belong

USS Voyager and crew on their journey home. They've travelled to far and want to go home. Back were "we" belong. A very nice music video, with well chosen scenes for the music. Enjoy!

Author: Acorntree144

Online since: 12th August 2014
Size: 52.6MB
Download: here

Bad girl

T'Pol from Star Trek Enterprise. She's isn't a saint and does make mistakes. Some bad choices and one bad girl. Enjoy this high quality music video.

Author: Nephtys59

Online since: 13th February 2009
Size: 15.9MB
Download: here


Julian Bashir in the episode "our man Bashir". With the theme from James bond and Bashir playing a-bond-like character. You'll love this high quality music video.

Author: Belanna

Online since: 28th February 2007
Size: 11.3MB
Download: here


Yet another Spock/McCoy slash video about the kind of love/hate relationship between Spock & McCoy. They fight a lot and disagree a lot, but they never mean to hurt each other. "Why does love always feel like a battlefield?".

Online since: 24th June 2012
Size: 31.2MB
Download: here

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