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Last updated: 6th August 2016


This is the site of Final Frontier Media. A site built for Star Trek fans, by a Star Trek fan. Here you find a variety of Star Trek Music videos, from The Original Series till Star Trek Enterprise and of course the new Star Trek. These music videos are created by Star Trek fans from all around the world. You are free to watch and download the music videos. The music videos you download are always of better quality than the music videos you watch online. The music videos are hosted on a FTP server. You can find the music videos through the menu on the left.

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Beside Music videos there is a large links section. You can find it at the bottom of the page. I'm still looking for Star Trek Music Videos that people want to share with the world. I can add them to the collection. Do you want your music video available for the whole world? It's for free! Just contact me and we'll talk about it.

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Random music video

Here you can find a random music video. Everytime you reload the page a different music video will appear. The following music video, is the music video of the moment:

Resurrected, rejoined

The love between Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn. Both have feelings, but it isn't allowed. A very nice tribute to this episode. The music fits well. A high quality music video.

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