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Music videos - Voyager - Janeway, Chakotay, Paris and Torres

Welcome to the music videos section. Here you can find music videos with the subject Janeway, Chakotay, Paris and Torres from Voyager. You can watch the videos here or download the original files. There is a max. of 5 music videos at a page, you can navigate below and at the bottom of the page. You may need a Divx-codec for watching these music videos. You can use your favourite media player to watch. If you have questions or remarks, please contact me.


Here without you

The relationship between Chakotay and Janeway and between Paris and Torres. A perfect song about the loneliness in relationships and how we need each other. A great high quality music video.

Author: Belanna

Online since: 17th April 2008
Size: 11.7MB
Download: here