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Welcome to the music videos section. Here you can find all Star Trek music videos sorted by genre story. You can watch the music video directly or download it to watch it at your convenience. You may need a Divx-codec for watching this music video. You can use your favourite media player to watch after you downloaded the music video. If you have questions or remarks, please contact me.

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Bring me to life

Commander Tucker en (sub)Commander T'pol. There relation in Enterprise and all the mayhem around them. Wonderful music. A moving music video at high quality.

Author: PG15

Online since: 13th December 2006
Size: 18.0MB
Download: here


Captain Jonathan Archer and Sub-Commander T'Pol. They depend on each other. There are several problems, which can break them. A music video of medium quality.

Author: ScifiSpace

Online since: 2nd May 2009
Size: 12.6MB
Download: here

Broken Remnants

The Star Trek Voyager Episode Year of Hell. Both captain's of Voyager and the Time ship have their own stories. Really superb editing which is combined with wonderful music. A very nice music video, You'll love it!

Online since: 8th October 2011
Size: 50MB
Download: here


Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay. Lovely video about a relationship that could be, but doesn't is. A high quality music video with music from Joe Nichols.

Author: Belanna

Online since: 11th November 2007
Size: 13.4MB
Download: here

Brother in arms

Kirk and Spock and their brotherlike relationship. They are always there for each other. Great music from the Dire Straits. I love this high quality music video.

Online since: 31st August 2007
Size: 73.4MB
Download: here

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