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Welcome to the music video of the month section. Here you can find all the previous music videos of the month. A music video of the month is a special music video. The video is very popular, or just the opposite, it's a personal favourite or there's a special story behind it. Do you know a specific video which should be music video of the month, please let me know. You can contact me here.

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June 2012 - The Next Generation

Star Trek The next Generation. Somewhat more classic music with images from a few episodes. Most images are from the movies. This is one of the six 40th anniversary music videos from


Online since: 28th February 2007
Size: 42.8MB
Download: here

Februari 2012 - Remember Voyager

The return of Voyager in the Alpha Quadrant. All footage is used from Voyager's Final episode End Game. A tribute to Voyager. The video is of medium quality.

Author: MrGee

Online since: 24th September 2005
Size: 16.8MB
Download: here

January 2012 - Children of time

The Deep Space Nine episode Children of time. Well chosen music for this music video. Try to ignore the text in the middle of this video. This music video is of high quality.

Online since: 25th October 2009
Size: 29.4MB
Download: here

December 2011 - Apple candy

James T. Kirk, Uhura and Spock. Kirk doesn't believe in a no win scenario and wants it all. A great music video using the Star Trek XI movie. Well chosen music and perfectly edited. Great video. Enjoy!

Author: Talitha78

Online since: 6th August 2011
Size: 26.8MB
Download: here

November 2011 - Closer to heaven

All Series. This music video is a tribute to 40 years of Star Trek. You can see a lot of action from the different series with the music from the Pet Shop Boys. This music video is of high quality.

Author: Trekscaper

Online since: 1st January 2007
Size: 22.7MB
Download: here

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