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Welcome to the music video of the month section. Here you can find all the previous music videos of the month. A music video of the month is a special music video. The video is very popular, or just the opposite, it's a personal favourite or there's a special story behind it. Do you know a specific video which should be music video of the month, please let me know. You can contact me here.

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July 2013 - Kamikaze

Star Trek Deep Space Nine. A really good music video with a high pace. Good music is used and some wonderful scenes. I love this video, and I know you do too. Enjoy!

Author: Frozenberry

Online since: 27th February 2009
Size: 18.8MB
Download: here

June 2013 - Maneater

Captain Kirk. He's a tough guy, he's the captain and everybody loves him. And you thought he's a ladieskiller? Think again. A great music video with great scenes which fit perfectly. As usual is the music video of high quality.

Author: T'Gin

Online since: 13th August 2011
Size: 28.0MB
Download: here

Tags: T'Gin, TOS, Story, Kirk

April 2013 - Let's make some memories

Kirk, McCoy and Spock in Star Trek XI (2009). Friends for life. They're young and can build a complete live together as friends. Well, let's start to make some memories. Great music video!

Online since: 8th October 2011
Size: 22.3MB
Download: here

March 2013 - May it be

The journey of Star Trek Enterprise and especially Captain Jonathan Archer. Music from Enya fits well. A wonderful high quality music video.

Author: PG15

Online since: 23rd August 2009
Size: 16.5MB
Download: here

January 2013 - Mexican God

The Star Trek Movie Generations and its subject of time. The music from Robyn Hitchcock fits perfectly. A great music video which everyone will love. This music video is of high quality.

Author: Anonymous

Online since: 29th February 2008
Size: 30.2MB
Download: here

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