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Welcome to the History section. In this section you can find how Final Frontier is created over the time and what is changed. From a free tripod account to a full domain, from 10 music videos to 400 music videos. The website of Final Frontier Media (FFM) has changed over the years. In this part of the history section I will show you just that. Images will show you how FFM looked in his early days till now. If you want the short story, please visit the Archive - Short history section. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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Section: Archive, About and Newsletter

Image 1 shows the section archive as it was in the beginning. Because the news on the home page became too much for quick loading I decided to create an Archive. This way every news item will be saved and watched at a later time. Without that section I couldn't create this section (History), a lot of information could be found in the Archive. The lay-out was very easy. But the lay-out also didn't fit into the rest of the website. So I decided in March 2009 to change it. When the section About was introduced in May 2008 with the new horizontal menu I've adapted it to multiple pages on the site. This was now also done with the Archive section, as you can see in image 2. The news before 2006 is collected in one category. This way the section could go on for several years. But in 2010 the website was renewed. The Archive section doesn't exist like it did. It's now part of the left menu. The archived news before 2010 has been removed, because it has no value for the visitors and too much work. Furthermore other sections have been placed within the Archive section. I'm talking about Awards, short history, Star Trek 2009 and a new part of the website Music Video of the Month (Derived from the Newsletter). You can see the current Archive at image 3. The section About as seen in image 4 is a section which is created in May 2008. It was my opinion that the menu went to large. Also I wanted to add some statistics and a sitemap. So I decided to create the about section. Specific for this section and all pages below in it, is the horizontal menu. In this section you can also read something about me(image 5). The sub-section Timeline is removed over time. This sub-section wasn't visited and I didn't have time to do more with it. With the renewal of Final Frontier Media in 2010 the about section is removed and the only part that is still used is About me. As you can see at image 6 that part is not much changed. The newsletter section (image 7) is created in May 2006 and was a way to attract more people to my website. I tried to reach a lot of people when I had some new stuff posted online. There were around the 50 people who got the newsletter. The newsletter was just a text based e-mail with links to the online newsletter. The online newsletter had the Final Frontier Media lay-out. (image 8) Otherwise this would be a very large e-mail, therefore I had chosen for text-based with links. The newsletters were also visible for visitors. The last newsletter was sent in December 2009. I didn't like to put time into the newsletter every two months. This also means with the renewed website in 2010, the complete section is gone. Only the music video of the month has survived and is now part of the home page and archive section(image 9). The image has been taken when the renewed website was still in test.

Section: Sitemap, Statistics, StarTrek 2009 and Removed section

Image 1 shows the sitemap section. This section is created in May 2008. In this section you can see where everything could be found. Some people aren't aware of sections or pages at this website. That's the reason why this section is added to the website. This section is completely renewed when the website is renewed in 2010. This was needed because the structure of the website is changed radically. You can see the sitemap as it was in 2010 at image 2. Image 3 shows the statistics section. It looks similar to the sitemap section from a distance. There was a lot of information in that section, like the Music Video Top 50. In that list you can see the top 50 of most downloaded music videos of this website. Also you did see several Top 10 downloads, per month and per year. The statistics section is removed from the website when the site is renewed in 2010. This because it was a lot of work to update and I think I'm the only one who was really interested in all those statistics. There is now a small part left at the home page as you can see in image 4. In 2011 the statistics came back. It's now in the Archive section with only a Top 10 of music videos per year, and a overall Top 10 of music videos. Image 5 shows the special Star Trek 2009 page. Final Frontier Media doesn't have any actual Star Trek news or something like that. This section is only devoted to the media released around the 2009 movie. Everything I got from the Webmaster program from Paramount will be available here, if appropriate. This section is transformed into it's final stage, after the release of the new movie. You can see the last look of the StarTrek 2009 section at the old website in image 6. This section is with the renewal of the website now part of the archive section. You can see the current look at image 7.

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