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Welcome to the music video of the month section. Here you can find all the previous music videos of the month. A music video of the month is a special music video. The video is very popular, or just the opposite, it's a personal favourite or there's a special story behind it. Do you know a specific video which should be music video of the month, please let me know. You can contact me here.

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April 2015 - Desperado

Spock as a "desperado". You can see several scenes from the original series and the movies. A very nice music video. A must for a Spock-fan, wonderful for a Star Trek fan longing for those good old days.

Online since: 5th September 2013
Size: 24.0MB
Download: here

March 2015 - Deep Space Nine trailer 1

DS9 and what a legendary serie it is. A fan-made trailer that could be a paramount trailer. After seeing this video you want to watch DS9. This music video is of high quality.

Online since: 19th October 2006
Size: 33.2MB
Download: here

November 2014 - Spaceman

Star Trek 2009. A great music video. Scenes from the movie are combined with original images from the music video. A high quality music video. Enjoy it.

Author: Trekscaper

Online since: 19th February 2010
Size: 43.6MB
Download: here

October 2014 - Delta Flyer

The Delta Flyer. Rough music is used for this music video and it's fits perfectly. A lot of action can be seen in this video. The music video is of high quality.

Author: Angel

Online since: 14th June 2006
Size: 77.6MB
Download: here

September 2014 - Holding on

Picard and Crusher's relationship in Star Trek The Next Generation and how they managed to hold on the each other, even while they were with other people. Some great scenes can be seen in this very enjoyable music video.

Author: Sjgambrill

Online since: 18th August 2012
Size: 18.7MB
Download: here

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